I believe that these books must be very useful, if you often play San-ren-sei:

  • Reducing Territorial Frameworks, by Fujisawa Shuko.
  • Cosmic Go, by Sangit Chatterjee and Yang Huiren.
  • Galactic Go, vol. 1, by Sangit Chatterjee and Yang Huiren.
  • Utilizing Outward Influence, by Jin Jiang and Zhao Zheng.
  • Kato’s Attack and Kill, by Kato Masao.
  • A Way of Play for the 21st Century, by Go Seigen.
  • The Power of the Star-Point, by Takagawa Shukaku.
  • The Chinese Opening, by Kato Masao.
  • Improve Your Intuition, by Takagawa Kaku.
  • All about Thickness, by Ishida Yoshio.
  • Published under permission of Slate&Shell
  • Le Go cosmique, by Takemiya Masaki (in French)

    We plan to add some parts from these books in pdf after receiving the rights from the publishers. Please visit us again!

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